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14 February 2018

What we saw: Tory-Blairite EU love-in

Labour MP Chuka Umunna cuddling up to Tory MP Anna Soubry over the European Union.

The pair found plenty to agree on when it comes to neoliberal free-trade zones like the EU single market. They told the Andrew Marr Show on 11 February that Tory and Blairite MPs could combine to rescue big business.

Pro-capitalist politicians will turn any Brexit, 'soft' or 'hard', against the working class. But they are desperate to salvage single market rules which let them shunt capital and labour around to maximise profits without any say from organised workers.

Kick out the Tories - Remainers and Leavers. Kick out the Blairites too. For an anti-austerity government, a workers' Brexit, and an appeal to the peoples of Europe to join a new, socialist collaboration.