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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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NHS: Mass fightback is needed

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1007, 29 August 2018

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01 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1007 Capitalism.mp3

02 Trump ally prosecutions beginning of the end for.mp3

03 Venezuela How can reaction and imperialism be.mp3

04 China Solidarity with victimised Jasic.mp3

05 Even working families £49 a week short of paying.mp3

06 Permanent Arctic ice melting nationalise the.mp3

07 Them & us McCain dead John McCain, the anti-.mp3

08 Wonga broke Spare a thought for payday.mp3

09 Restaurant tips walkout Hold the burgers, hold.mp3

10 Sunderland Resolute Liebherr workers in pay.mp3

11 Merseyside fire authority forced to postpone.mp3

12 Northern Rail guards continue fight against.mp3

13 East Dunbartonshire council workers back further.mp3

14 Exam factories, cuts and violence – Fight for our.mp3

15 CWI school 2018 The ongoing capitalist crisis.mp3

16 NHS Mass fightback is needed Scott Jones NHS.mp3

17 Battle growing against Loch Lomond area big.mp3

18 Leicester lobby calls for consultation on NHS.mp3

19 Socialist sales success in Cardiff The Socialist.mp3

20 EDL sent packing in Worcester Worcester.mp3

21 Huddersfield Socialist Party organise counter-.mp3

22 Fracking companies backed by government and.mp3

23 Leeds protest against NHS treatment cuts.mp3

24 100 years since police went on strike never.mp3

25 The Socialist Inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

26 BT pensions I received the annual funding.mp3

27 Muddled thinking Capitalist Labour MPs like.mp3

28 Soulsby sell off You know how it is you’ve.mp3

29 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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