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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Zombie Tory government: general election now

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1012, 3 October 2018

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01 Editorial of the Socialist, issue 1012 Labour.mp3

02 Socialist Party campaigns against the Blairites.mp3

03 Zombie Tory government general election now Tom.mp3

04 Blood transfusion scandal put the profit system.mp3

05 Shocking new data on declining life expectancy.mp3

06 NHS pay discrimination – militant union action.mp3

07 Maximus profitus In 2012, Socialist Party.mp3

08 Tory Brexit Blues festival Ok, so your.mp3

09 Catering and courier workers strike together A.mp3

10 Coordinated catering and courier strikes prove.mp3

11 York NHS workers strike against privatisation.mp3

12 Tube workers walk out London Underground.mp3

13 1,000 head teachers march on parliament to demand.mp3

14 Camden – Unison members in pay fight Unison.mp3

15 Is this generation socialist Ideas to change.mp3

16 USA crisis follows Supreme Court justice.mp3

17 Indonesia tsunami – a disaster compounded by.mp3

18 Enthusiasm for Socialist ideas at the freshers.mp3

19 King’s College London KCL Socialist Students.mp3

20 Nottingham We ended up with a stall next to.mp3

21 Swansea As well as interest in socialist ideas,.mp3

22 Leicester Students were eager to sign our.mp3

23 Derby At Derby we were campaigning to kick out.mp3

24 Lincoln At Lincoln freshers fair we were.mp3

25 Tyneside We’ve spoken to hundreds of college.mp3

26 Reading One person we met was Judy, a law and.mp3

27 Liverpool Over 100 students signed up for.mp3

28 Sheffield 300 students signed up to Socialist.mp3

29 Leeds We signed up 119 interested students at.mp3

30 ‘Tories must go’ demonstration in Birmingham.mp3

31 Big business calls the tune anti-fracking.mp3

32 Save Wirral NHS walk-in centres Only months.mp3

33 More party than protest, but great response to.mp3

34 Theatre The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists.mp3

35 The Socialist Inbox Letters to the Socialist’s.mp3

36 Tory nationalisation lies Whenever there is.mp3

37 Crypto-Trotskyist crossword On Tuesday 25.mp3

38 Pensioners need homes All I want is a room.mp3

39 Trains need guards The evidence against a.mp3

40 Labour affiliation debate I just want to make.mp3

41 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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