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Monday, July 22, 2024

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ToriesÂ’ Brexit bust-up - general Election Now

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1014, 17 October 2018

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01 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1014 Tories’.mp3

02 Universal credit = universal misery Tories in.mp3

03 New anti-poll tax type revolt needed today The.mp3

04 Homeless driven from Windsor streets for royal.mp3

05 Toxic fracking gets the go-ahead while protesters.mp3

06 No to fat-cat top judges’ £59k pay hike – fight.mp3

07 Bail hostel worker We haven’t had a pay rise in.mp3

08 Tory and Trump hypocrisy over murder of Saudi.mp3

09 Fully fund mental health services now Mary Finch,.mp3

10 A day in the life of a mental health support.mp3

11 The cuts are the real burning injustice The.mp3

12 Mental health facts Serious mental health.mp3

13 PCS union nominate Chris Baugh as Left Unity.mp3

14 National PCS elections Nomination for Left Unity.mp3

15 Striking Brum home carers reject ‘final’ pay cut.mp3

16 South Western rail workers launch five-day safety.mp3

17 Uber drivers strike against unfair ‘deactivation’.mp3

18 Bolton hospital workers strike as subsidiary.mp3

19 Grimethorpe dinner ladies stage all-out strike.mp3

20 Cable makers’ pay strike bites as production.mp3

21 Newham finance staff fight pay and grading insult.mp3

22 Libres y Combativas striking for women’s rights.mp3

23 The renewed relevance of Engels’ classic.mp3

24 Demo against far-right DFLA Up to 2,000.mp3

25 Socialism – the podcast offering Marxist analysis.mp3

26 Haringey ‘Corbyn-council’ faces a choice.mp3

27 Devon foster carers fight 30% cut in allowances.mp3

28 De Montfort freshers stall The Socialist.mp3

29 Film Peterloo Excellent film exposes bloody.mp3

30 New pamphlet out now Produced by the.mp3

31 The Socialist Inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

32 Brazil’s climate threat On the day the UN.mp3

33 Cuts breed rats I am writing to express my.mp3

34 End NHS bullying Stephen Barclay, a health.mp3

35 Shared GP appointments The editors of the.mp3

36 Greens lack answers A couple of us attended a.mp3

37 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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