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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Tories out. End austerity. Mass working class action for a general election.

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1024, 9 January 2019

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01 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1024 Brexit.mp3

02 Tories Out End austerity Mass working-class.mp3

03 ‘Fat Cat Friday’ shows where all the money’s gone.mp3

04 While the rest of us suffer austerity and choices.mp3

05 The average top CEO is paid £133 for every £1.mp3

06 Javid’s migrant ’emergency’ caused by austerity.mp3

07 Death in a doorway struggle can end homelessness.mp3

08 Them & Us Millionaire Miliband Blairite ex-.mp3

09 Bankers’ boarding cards v millennials’ railcards.mp3

10 Queen v music The queen’s Christmas message to.mp3

11 What we saw A Southampton primary is refusing to.mp3

12 PCS Left Unity assistant general secretary.mp3

13 Far right attack on Manchester rail workers’.mp3

14 Grayling’s attacks on rail workers wages ‘un-fare’.mp3

15 Solid strike by Teesside Arriva bus drivers 650.mp3

16 Ferry workers protest against £2 45 an hour pay.mp3

17 UCU Wales suspends FE strike action UCU members.mp3

18 100th anniversary of the murders of Rosa.mp3

19 Disruption of Leeds Socialist Party meeting shows.mp3

20 Bringing socialist ideas into movements on women’.mp3

21 Tremendous effort sees Socialist Party smash.mp3

22 NHS funding crisis Tory ‘super-plan’ is a super-.mp3

23 Linking LGBT+ rights to the fight for socialism.mp3

24 North Tyneside Campaigning to save our footbridge.mp3

25 Carmarthenshire council Unison demands no-cuts.mp3

26 Protests continue to rage in Sudan Serge Jordan.mp3

27 UK protest backs Sudanese movement The UK.mp3

28 Blocked for years, but the Socialist Party of.mp3

29 Theatre review Women of Aktion – the heroic.mp3

30 The Socialist Inbox Letters to the Socialist’s.mp3

31 ‘Stupid people’ The banal is elevated to.mp3

32 Fire service cuts Matt Wrack, leader of the Fire.mp3

33 Capitalism’s ghosts In summer of 1991 a North.mp3

34 Universal Credit chaos Campaigning for an end to.mp3

35 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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