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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Tories, Tories, Tories - out, out, out!

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1025, 16 January 2019

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01 Editorial of the Socialist, issue 1025 May.mp3

02 After Grenfell, thousands still in high-rise.mp3

03 Universal Credit robbing the working class.mp3

04 30% of English secondaries in deficit set no-.mp3

05 Them & Us Cancer ward wait If you’ve got cancer.mp3

06 Outsourcing outpouring The value of public.mp3

07 Toxic tube Toxic ‘particulate pollution’ in.mp3

08 Universal Credit conquest In another humiliation.mp3

09 ‘Tories out’ demo lively – but opportunity for.mp3

10 Key task to strengthen Tamil Solidarity campaign.mp3

11 Glasgow council cuts huge turnout to fight.mp3

12 Surrey council cuts save our children’s centres.mp3

13 Caerphilly council cuts right-wing Islwyn Labour.mp3

14 Nothing to declare Dodgy councillors hide vested.mp3

15 North Tyneside council cuts march to save our.mp3

16 History of the workers’ movement The 1979 ‘.mp3

17 USA federal workers without pay – but immediate.mp3

18 See full article at socialistalternative org.mp3

19 France union-led action and assemblies can.mp3

20 Mexico police silence on horrific attack on CWI.mp3

21 Unions must fight and demand nationalisation to.mp3

22 Hundreds join Manc RMT picket line in solidarity.mp3

23 UCU Vote Yes and Yes in the higher education pay.mp3

24 Re-elect Chris Baugh for AGS The voting meetings.mp3

25 Film Sorry to Bother You Socialist film Botox.mp3

26 TV – Brexit The Uncivil War Interesting but.mp3

27 The Socialist Inbox Letters to the Socialist’s.mp3

28 Keresley responds to police shooting Below we.mp3

29 Capitalist crash Socialists in the capital will.mp3

30 Workers’ rights My recent experience of.mp3

31 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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