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Sunday, July 21, 2024

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Corbyn: stand firm for a general election

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1026, 23 January 2019

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01 Editorial of the Socialist, issue 1026 Tory.mp3

02 NHS faces drug price hikes Nationalise big.mp3

03 Duke’s car crash one law for them and another.mp3

04 Peasant v pheasants Another driver near the.mp3

05 What we saw Workers at the Historic Royal.mp3

06 Racist jobs discrimination same for 50 years -.mp3

07 Wales is Europe’s prisoner capital capitalist.mp3

08 Them & Us Davos special! Yes, it’s that time of.mp3

09 Cuban revolution at 60 defend the gains and.mp3

10 Birmingham hostile Labour council attacks.mp3

11 Mass strike wins historic step towards victory in.mp3

12 John Lewis workers count the cost of the retail.mp3

13 Unison union higher education conference a.mp3

14 Bristol Deliveroo workers walk out Domenico Hill,.mp3

15 PCS union re-elect Chris Baugh for assistant.mp3

16 Enfield North CLP backs no-cuts budget – now.mp3

17 We need May Day greetings! Strengthen ties.mp3

18 Leeds don’t let the far right divide us Leeds.mp3

19 Europe school students strike against climate.mp3

20 Germany Max Klinkner, Sozialistische Alternative.mp3

21 Poland thousands mourn death of murdered mayor.mp3

22 International round-up USA teachers strike 30,.mp3

23 Nigeria socialist arrested and released.mp3

24 Russia repression of anti-fascists Four anti-.mp3

25 France gilets jaunes ‘Gilets jaunes’ (yellow.mp3

26 Tunisia public sector general strike 750,000.mp3

27 Zimbabwe general strike 150% fuel price hikes -.mp3

28 Spanish state Massive opposition to right-wing.mp3

29 Theatre Rouse, Ye Women! Interview breaking.mp3

30 Non-fiction The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg.mp3

31 The Socialist inbox Letters to the Socialist’s.mp3

32 Disability benefits nightmare The security that.mp3

33 Disappearing hospitals I read the interesting.mp3

34 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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