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Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Weak Tories must go. General election now!

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1033, 13 March 2019

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01 Anger after violent youth deaths – Communities.mp3

02 Weak Tories must go General election now! Iain.mp3

03 Them & Us Billionaire exodus to tax havens A.mp3

04 History Alice Wheeldon – an anti-war socialist.mp3

05 The Socialist Inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

06 Militant support The following letter was sent.mp3

07 The following letter was sent to the Liverpool.mp3

08 Opportunist leeches As the newly formed party of.mp3

09 International Women’s Day Protests say stop cuts.mp3

10 Newham Jeanette Dye offered this message of.mp3

11 For socialist change, not climate change! Connor.mp3

12 Southampton Socialist stand against council and.mp3

13 No to racism – No to austerity – Fight capitalism.mp3

15 Memorial to the working-class fighters from Hull.mp3

16 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1033 Only.mp3

17 Neither Tories or EU – only fighting trade unions.mp3

18 PCS union elections Huge support for Chris Baugh.mp3

19 Newark NSK strike Even Victorian workers got a.mp3

20 Breaking news Birmingham bin workers’ strike.mp3

21 Workplace news in brief Liverpool NHS strike.mp3

22 Woolwich walkout Unite the Union members have.mp3

23 Council to blame Hackney council in London is.mp3

24 NSSN conference National Shop Stewards Network.mp3

25 Tories out Scrap Universal Credit Fight for.mp3

26 Cruelty, unfairness and downright.mp3

27 DWP workers demand a humane welfare system and.mp3

28 UC workers striking back Nick Hart and Josh.mp3

29 Brazil The Threats, attacks and contradictions.mp3

30 Obituary Joan Beale – Labour women’s activist and.mp3

31 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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