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Whose side are you on? Tories out - Corbyn in with anti-austerity and socialist policies

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1063, 6 November 2019

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01 Whose side are you on Tories out! – Corbyn in.mp3

02 Tony Blair launches manifesto to sabotage a.mp3

03 Grenfell fire inquiry spin deflects blame from.mp3

04 General election 2019 round-up Tory’s NHS.mp3

05 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall How a.mp3

06 1945 After the defeat of the Nazis, occupied.mp3

07 Elections, strikes and revolutions Socialism.mp3

08 Fighting to kick out the Tories and transform.mp3

09 International protest wave is just the beginning.mp3

10 PCS Under the right leadership workers are.mp3

11 Royal Mail strike This is going to be the.mp3

12 McDonald’s ‘I’m fighting for £15 an hour now.mp3

13 Northern Ireland Uniting the working class to.mp3

14 Preparing to shape events internationally.mp3

15 End repression in Chile – freedom for soldier.mp3

16 PCS Pay, jobs, pensions Vote for a fighting.mp3

17 University and College Union votes for pay and pension strikes.mp3

18 A day in the life of a warehouse worker.mp3

19 £1 million cuts plan Peabody housing workers.mp3

20 Forbo Flooring Derbyshire strike Ian Hunter,.mp3

21 West Midlands Trains guards to strike Tom.mp3

22 Double-dealing Hackney council bosses face.mp3

23 Minimum wage debate what should we be demanding.mp3

24 In my working life we could afford homes and.mp3

25 Pay up and bring us back in-house A Unite the.mp3

26 The trade unions can do it John Merrell,.mp3

27 TV Crime and Punishment – this brutal watch is a.mp3

28 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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