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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Tories out

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1065, 20 November 2019

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01 High Court injunction solidarity to the CWU -.mp3

02 CWU – ground laid for an almighty struggle.mp3

03 Message of support from postal workers and trade.mp3

04 Major funding for flood risk management needed.mp3

05 Save the NHS kick out the Tories Although the.mp3

06 Frimley NHS Trust Strikers remain determined to.mp3

07 International Day for the Elimination of Violence.mp3

08 Broadband privatisation has failed to deliver,.mp3

09 Bolton university fire government inaction puts.mp3

10 Wages flatline, while shareholders profit Alex.mp3

11 UCU pay and pension strike university staff have.mp3

12 West Midlands Trains guards strike to defend.mp3

13 PCS union elect Marion Lloyd! The Public and.mp3

14 Cleaners strike over low pay at Haringey.mp3

15 Bradford library and museum strikers enter third.mp3

16 Long hours in the world of security Pete McNally,.mp3

17 NEU members’ sixth-form walkouts National.mp3

18 Trade Union Conference Opposing Political.mp3

19 150 protest against Leicester hospital.mp3

20 Carmarthenshire union demands no-cuts budget.mp3

21 Swansea students protest against Hillary Clinton.mp3

22 Keep the National Poetry Library free Niall.mp3

23 Selling the Socialist Just a few of the events.mp3

24 The Socialist Inbox Letters to the Socialist’s.mp3

25 Austerity Kills Recent research from the London.mp3

26 Defend free trade unions So, an unelected Tory.mp3

27 It was reported last week that the number of.mp3

28 Disabled poor With regards to the minimum wage.mp3

29 Amazon bosses defeated in Seattle – Kshama Sawant.mp3

30 Chile revolt continues read eyewitness report.mp3

31 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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