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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Vote for jobs homes, services. Tories out, Corbyn in. Fight for socialist policies.

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1066, 27 November 2019

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01 Labour’s manifesto fight to transform hope into.mp3

02 Tories launch ‘non manifesto’ The Tories’.mp3

03 Regime’s fuel price rise sparks massive protests.mp3

04 Sri Lanka Presidential election sees return of.mp3

05 Tory election campaign’s dirty tricks and lies.mp3

06 Resist attacks against free speech on campus -.mp3

07 Northern Ireland strike action by NHS workers.mp3

08 Prince Andrew outrage exposes establishment.mp3

09 End council cuts now, to end Tory austerity!.mp3

10 A decade of fighting back There has been a.mp3

11 Corbyn must take the ‘Liverpool road’ In the.mp3

12 A decade of devastation Government cuts to the.mp3

13 Universities strike takes fight to bosses.mp3

14 CWU’s right to defend members is on the line Rob.mp3

15 Solidarity from South West NEU Following my.mp3

16 Their fight is a fight for all trade unionists’.mp3

17 South Western Railway strike We’re up for the.mp3

18 PCS union ballot closes 12 December Marion Lloyd.mp3

19 Sixth-form college strikes ‘Sticking two fingers.mp3

20 Workplace news in brief Bradford libraries and.mp3

21 Hackney SEND strikes after Labour council reneges.mp3

22 Support Westex strikers They made £5 million.mp3

23 Health strikes push back privatisation Porters,.mp3

24 Northern Rail workers demand a living wage RMT.mp3

25 Trump and Tories are a threat to environment.mp3

26 Brighton anti-academy campaign steps up Bill.mp3

27 Posties withdraw goodwill from cruel bosses.mp3

28 Help fund the fightback sponsor my marathon.mp3

29 Selling the Socialist Gateshead On Tyneside,.mp3

30 Leyton Less people were hostile to the election.mp3

31 Southampton The Labour Party manifesto says it’.mp3

32 Swansea Swansea was wet and windy yet again on.mp3

33 Buy a historical biography for Christmas LEFT.mp3

34 The private sector will never provide broadband.mp3

35 Plymouth Blairites use Tory policies to side with.mp3

36 Minimum wage debate what should we be demanding.mp3

37 Could a nationalised taxi service work Chris.mp3

38 £12 or £15 In the session debating the minimum.mp3

39 Too low just as counter-productive as too high.mp3

40 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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