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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Climate change. Poverty. War. Capitalism must go - fight for socialism

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1068, 8 January 2020

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01 Suleimani’s assassination – Middle East thrown.mp3

02 Trump attacks Iran – London protest We need.mp3

03 Build union resistance to Tory attacks Rob.mp3

04 Defend the right to strike Jared Wood, RMT union.mp3

05 Defend the right to strike! RMT and NSSN lobby.mp3

06 2020 Class struggles and capitalist instability.mp3

07 Labour leadership Commitment to socialist.mp3

08 Climate change Poverty War Capitalism must go -.mp3

09 Trouble ahead for Johnson Brexit is far from ‘.mp3

10 Tory minimum wage hike not enough £12 now as a.mp3

11 Northern Rail franchise in question nationalise.mp3

12 Children need intensive care We don’t care!.mp3

13 Shell pays £0 corporation tax, and plans huge.mp3

14 Ignore the hype – austerity goes on organise to.mp3

15 International wave of revolt continues General.mp3

16 What next after the general election, for PCS and.mp3

17 Carmarthenshire council concedes to striking.mp3

18 West Midlands RMT guards jobs saved RMT.mp3

19 All we want for Christmas is a no-strings pay.mp3

20 Anti-academy strikes in Newham Members of the.mp3

21 After the general election Socialist Party.mp3

22 £50,240 – a new fighting fund record We smashed.mp3

23 Walthamstow Avenue of trees saved! Linda Taaffe,.mp3

24 The Socialist Inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

25 Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight! This.mp3

26 Labour’s appeasement failure Now that the dust.mp3

27 Don’t blame the working class Corbyn’s Manifesto.mp3

28 France will come to Britain There will be many.mp3

29 Stand up and fight back I am 81 and doubtful.mp3

30 Labour council cuts The more the election debate.mp3

31 Union leaders – no more excuses ‘Wait for a.mp3

32 Join the socialists The key to these election.mp3

33 Rise up against the Tories Insurrection is the.mp3

34 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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