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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Low Pay, Long Hours. Bosses rip us off. Organise the fightback now!

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1069, 15 January 2020

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01 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1069 Labour.mp3

02 What should trade union members do Before.mp3

03 Labour leadership race Reverse Unison’s.mp3

04 Low Pay, Long Hours Bosses rip us off Organise.mp3

05 A&Es in meltdown Build for strikes to save NHS.mp3

06 No free ride for the airline bosses – nationalise.mp3

07 Them & Us Fat Cat Monday The average FTSE 100.mp3

08 Hackney school bus workers win pay increase.mp3

09 PCS Time to rebuild the left Katrine Williams,.mp3

10 Northern Ireland Thousands of nurses continue to.mp3

11 Westex Carpet strike reaches two month mark Iain.mp3

12 London bus drivers ballot to strike Exhausted.mp3

13 Union lawyer arrested on security guards’ picket.mp3

14 We need socialists in London’s City Hall A.mp3

15 Stop gentrification in Newham We are here, you.mp3

16 Massive Scottish independence demo marks new.mp3

17 Young people who voted for Corbyn’s manifesto.mp3

18 London Protesters return to oppose Middle East.mp3

19 Cladding scandal Government steps up defence of.mp3

20 Nottingham Youth protest against Barclays £64.mp3

21 Socialist Party national committee meeting The.mp3

22 Renewed protests shake Iranian leaders Mass.mp3

23 France Struggle over pension rights; government.mp3

24 Readers’ opinion Sustainable food production and.mp3

25 TV Review Apocalypse Cow Environmental.mp3

26 The Socialist Inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

27 Climate strikes 2020 is the year that will bring.mp3

28 Services mugged Two young people tried to mug me.mp3

29 Dynastic blues Poor Prince Harry indeed!.mp3

30 Annus horribilus2 Harry and Meghan’s attempt at.mp3

31 Trendsetters I’ve no problem with Harry and.mp3

32 Long-Bailey in retreat Rebecca Long-Bailey.mp3

33 Whoever comes out on top, if Labour’s leaders.mp3

34 No cuts test If a left-wing candidate is to.mp3

35 Front and back stabbers Labour leadership.mp3

36 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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