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Austerity kills

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1075, 26 February 2020

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01 Austerity kills Protest on Budget Day Wednesday.mp3

02 Average wages recover to pre-crisis levels – but.mp3

03 Bezos gives $10bn for climate – nationalise the.mp3

04 Weinstein found guilty A jury in New York City.mp3

05 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1075.mp3

06 Solidarity with striking university staff.mp3

07 University workers’ strike over pay, pensions and.mp3

08 Coventry A socialist councillor who will vote.mp3

09 Number of women killed by current or ex-partner.mp3

10 Leicester We can’t take any more cuts, any more.mp3

11 Students and workers out together on Budget Day,.mp3

12 Stop the council cuts Stoke Strikes can stop £5,.mp3

13 Swansea Council keeps on cutting Swansea.mp3

14 Newham, east London Socialist Party calls 3 March.mp3

15 Rebecca Long-Bailey rally for Labour leadership.mp3

16 NSSN Fight the anti-union laws – support the.mp3

17 All out to win Royal Mail strike reballot For a.mp3

18 CWU gate meetings Dawn rose on Socialist Party.mp3

19 PCS union relaunches pay campaign Marion Lloyd,.mp3

20 Workers call on Interserve bosses to recognise.mp3

21 Anti-academy strikes growing The anti-academy.mp3

22 Germany Right-wing terror attacks – fight racism,.mp3

23 Northern Ireland’s strike wave Don’t give the.mp3

24 This is the BBC fight the cuts – and the.mp3

25 Congress 2020 appeal Donate to help us renew.mp3

26 Housing cuts cost lives Suzanne Muna, Social.mp3

27 Socialist sellers Marx is back And this time he’.mp3

28 Martin also told us about the response the.mp3

29 Basingstoke NHS – Workers are angry they’ve been.mp3

30 The Socialist Inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

31 Socialists must defend trans rights On 18.mp3

32 Bending under pressure Rebecca Long-Bailey told.mp3

33 Nationalise the railways! Greater Anglia trains.mp3

34 Public assets or private profit Capitalist.mp3

35 Andrea Enisouh – a full-hearted comrade It’s.mp3

36 Tories’ racist views Eugenics is a term for the.mp3

37 Reclaim the unions Regarding your article ‘Trade.mp3

38 Socialist struggle Just as people deny climate.mp3

39 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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