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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Coronavirus: Underfunded, understaffed - NHS is NOT prepared

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1076, 4 March 2020

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01 Covid-19 a socialist response to the coronavirus.mp3

02 A workers’ charter for tackling the coronavirus.mp3

03 Covid-19 hospital worker protective clothing.mp3

04 Northants Council no hygiene for public contact.mp3

05 Attacks on pay could help virus spread.mp3

06 A healthy society should have more than one voice.mp3

07 Who will emergency measures protect NHS crisis.mp3

08 Schools and Covid-19 class size proposal is.mp3

09 Education workers ask union to campaign on.mp3

10 Trade unionists demand precautions in schools and.mp3

11 International Women’s Day Fighting sexism and.mp3

12 Students and university workers unite against.mp3

13 Women’s Lives Matter Women’s Lives Matter.mp3

14 How can we involve more women in the unions.mp3

15 Women’s rights – what’s socialism got to do with.mp3

16 A programme to fight oppression 1 End austerity.mp3

17 International Women’s Day A legacy of women.mp3

18 Uni strikers determined to defeat the bosses.mp3

19 Defend the right to strike! Southampton.mp3

20 Strike wave around London – this is why we need.mp3

21 West London parking workers’ strike Ealing.mp3

22 Charity workers’ strike As Addaction charity.mp3

23 Electricians pay victory Electricians at.mp3

24 Anti-academy strikes kick off in Redbridge The.mp3

25 Royal Glam A&E Victory is within our grasp Dave.mp3

26 What will we do if they cut Camden nurseries.mp3

27 Southampton, Brighton, Reading Labour councils.mp3

28 30,000 strike for the climate in Bristol Dave.mp3

29 Why I joined the Socialist Party I resent the 1%.mp3

30 Secret cuts meeting couldn’t prevent protests in.mp3

31 Socialist Party Congress 2020 A world in turmoil.mp3

32 A world in turmoil Peter Taaffe, general.mp3

33 British capitalism Weak, divided, and facing the.mp3

34 India Bloody pogrom fuelled by Modi’s.mp3

35 The Socialist Inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

36 Low pay doesn’t mean low skill The Tories don’t.mp3

37 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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