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Friday, July 19, 2024

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WorkersÂ’ safety before bossesÂ’ profits

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1084, 29 April 2020

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01 Workers’ safety before bosses’ profits PPE and.mp3

02 Coronavirus Dispatches from the front PPE chaos.mp3

03 Private firm causes weeks of delay to free school.mp3

04 Lessons from history No return to the 1930s.mp3

05 May Day 2020 join the protests – wear red, bring.mp3

06 Another record-breaking year for May Day.mp3

07 International May Day rally and reports from the.mp3

08 130 Years of May Day in Britain Fight for.mp3

09 Workers fighting to defend safety and livelihoods.mp3

10 Civil servants in Paisley protest after Covid.mp3

11 Irish police use Covid-19 emergency powers to.mp3

12 Coronavirus From the frontline B&M Bargains.mp3

13 Coronavirus Schools No return without a.mp3

14 Unions must organise throughout crisis The.mp3

15 Coronavirus Waltham Forest trade unions discuss.mp3

16 Woolwich ferry – workers secure 100% furlough.mp3

17 ISS workers’ pay victory Cleaning staff at.mp3

18 Should the Socialist still be produced during the.mp3

19 7 April 2020 Dear Ms Sell I have been contacted.mp3

20 9 April 2020 Dear Mark, I am writing in.mp3

21 16 April 2020 Dear Ms Sell, I wrote to you on 7.mp3

22 21 April 2020 Dear Mark, We have received your.mp3

23 Coronavirus crisis finance appeal £19,828 raised.mp3

24 Adding demands to the weekly claps Gateshead.mp3

25 Going viral Socialist comments and letters on.mp3

26 Tory propaganda has consequences This morning (.mp3

27 I don’t believe the lies I’m fed up with the.mp3

28 Charities and NHS Charities affiliated to.mp3

29 Price hikes The Times reports prices at online.mp3

30 Richard Branson’s advice Loss-making and.mp3

31 It’s never the right time A divisional (regional.mp3

32 Kier Starmer Sir Kier doing a great job on his.mp3

33 Let them drink bleach Marie Antoinette is.mp3

34 Tories attack trans rights Equalities Minister.mp3

35 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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