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Sunday, July 21, 2024

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Bosses push to lift lockdown - they only care about profits

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1085, 6 May 2020

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01 Bosses push to lift lockdown They only care.mp3

02 Coronavirus Dispatches from the front don’t put.mp3

03 We may be past the peak – but we don’t want Covid.mp3

04 All NHS staff are essential workers – and deserve.mp3

05 Staff risk becoming super-spreaders while.mp3

06 Bail out the real wealth creators, not the rich.mp3

07 Death rate is double in poor areas homes needed.mp3

08 Homeless left on streets during pandemic – homes.mp3

09 Jack Jeffery, North London Socialist Party,.mp3

10 Universities’ £2 5 billion funding ‘black hole’.mp3

11 Them&Us Amazon exec resigns over worker.mp3

12Your donations can keep the Socialist going £24,.mp3

13 Test and trace workers need a real plan Only a.mp3

14 Contact tracing apps big data, big potential -.mp3

15 Tories using pandemic to shift lab testing out of.mp3

16 Construction workers show the way on workplace.mp3

17 Nationalise British Airways to stop 12,000.mp3

18 Postal workers force Royal Mail back Gary Clark,.mp3

19 No increase in transport capacity without.mp3

20 Unsafe Workplace It’s up to you PCS tells reps.mp3

21 Further protests in Ireland against Debenhams.mp3

22 Rolls Royce threatens 8,000 job losses Ian.mp3

23 EDF Energy workers furloughed on 100% pay Unite.mp3

24 India Fighting the curse of capitalism and.mp3

25 US Trump’s public health cuts have condemned.mp3

26 Trump puts profit before safety (again) US.mp3

27 Available from Left Books The Jungle Upton.mp3

28 Lessons from history The Tyneside apprentices’.mp3

29 Peter Hadden remembered Many Socialist Party.mp3

30 Going viral Socialist comments and letters on.mp3

31 Is facemask advice based on science or shortages.mp3

32 Another care home scandal People in my village.mp3

33 VE Day The British ruling class, the Tories and.mp3

34 Lockdown Contrary to the propaganda about how.mp3

35 Football South East London Socialist Party had.mp3

36 Lords An example of how ‘we are all in this.mp3

37 TV Review BBC Panorama PPE shortage – how many.mp3

38 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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