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Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Reckless, lying, cheats

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1088, 27 May 2020

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01 One rule for Cummings, another for us More Tory.mp3

02 Schools aren’t safe Workers, unions and parents.mp3

03 Coronavirus United action can defeat Tories’.mp3

04 Economic collapse leads to renewed protests.mp3

05 Chinese state’s imposition of draconian law.mp3

06 Coronavirus Care home workers suffer PPE.mp3

07 Coronavirus More blunders and profiteering in.mp3

08 Dispatches from the front Eerily quiet before.mp3

09 Under the microscope – Coronavirus pandemic news.mp3

10 Black and Asian Covid-19 deaths an indictment of.mp3

11 Strong union response needed against job cuts at.mp3

12 Coronavirus No return to unsafe construction.mp3

13 Energy firm plans to make 2,600 redundant – union.mp3

14 Fight P&O’s billionaire bosses’ jobs cut plan -.mp3

15 Hull Trades Council debates workers’ political.mp3

16 The ‘Lucas Plan’ When workers set out an.mp3

17 1920s Britain A country nearer Bolshevism than.mp3

18 Obituary Mick Cotter 21-9-57 to 20-5-20 By.mp3

19 Coronavirus special finance appeal We need.mp3

20 Going viral – Socialist comments and letters on.mp3

21 Cummings must go Readers respond to Boris.mp3

22 Would it not be better if Cummings was made PM.mp3

23 He has lied about everything He (and Downing.mp3

24 Dominic Cummings travelled 250 miles with his.mp3

25 And anyway, Cummings couldn’t have been in.mp3

26 Freudian slip by the BBC presenter on 25 May when.mp3

27 So the Cummings family 2020 Covid Rodeo continued.mp3

28 Cummings and goings all day long, it appears.mp3

29 Government statements increasingly resemble the.mp3

30 As most Tory frontbenchers try to excuse Dominic.mp3

31 Cummings must go, and go now! John Viner,.mp3

32 Scotland virus incompetence How to spread a.mp3

33 It’s good the Welsh government has not followed.mp3

34 Bring back football As the lockdown continues,.mp3

35 No return to ‘normal’ Their ‘normal’ should.mp3

36 Tory library cuts You gotta laugh, Justine.mp3

37 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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