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Sunday, July 21, 2024

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Stand firm for workplace safety

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1089, 3 June 2020

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01 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1089 Covid and.mp3

02 Protect every job, nationalise don’t subsidise.mp3

03 Council finance disaster set emergency no-cuts.mp3

04 Mass protests over murder of George Floyd Fight.mp3

05 USA – another cop killing of unarmed black man.mp3

06 Coronavirus Tories knocked back on schools.mp3

07 Schools no going back until it’s safe Newham.mp3

08 Coventry Trade union organisation pays off.mp3

09 Safety First! Victory in Leicester schools The.mp3

10 Parents, teachers and students stand together I.mp3

11 Basingstoke campaign for safety I am a local mum.mp3

12 Coordinated union struggle needed to save jobs.mp3

13 Reject the university employers’ offer on pay,.mp3

14 Fight continues for safety on London buses Moe,.mp3

15 PCS pay claim Vital work unrecognised Dave.mp3

16 Equity union general secretary election vote for.mp3

17 Coronavirus Test, trace, isolate, support -.mp3

18 Furlough It’s said ‘we are all in the same boat’.mp3

19 Hospital closed following rampant spread of Covid-.mp3

20 Socialism Today special issue Lessons from the.mp3

21 Blairite general secretary elected – Starmer’s.mp3

22 Football in the time of coronavirus – reclaim our.mp3

23 Going viral Socialist comments and letters.mp3

24 George Floyd The horrific, brutal, racist.mp3

25 The US is a tinderbox on top of huge poverty,.mp3

26 What’s happening in the US is what happens when.mp3

27 The Tories trying to open up the schools to more.mp3

28 Food riots Apparently, my paternal grandparents.mp3

29 Pandemic doesn’t stop Socialist Party educating.mp3

30 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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