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Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Fight for safety - stop the jobs massacre

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1095, 15 July 2020

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’15 Hands off our pensions!’ demand angry Nissan.mp3

01 Workers and young people need planning for jobs,.mp3

02 Lockdown Leicester trade unionists and parents.mp3

03 Sexist dismissal of women’s health NHS needs.mp3

04 1975 Australia coup correspondence with queen.mp3

05 Defend free TV licences for pensioners! Keith.mp3

06 Water shortage warning nationalise now! Roger.mp3

07 Hillingdon Hospital corona outbreak workforce.mp3

08 A socialist programme for schools In the third.mp3

09 Covid crisis exposes Tory hypocrisy One of the.mp3

10 Child-centred not test-driven education The.mp3

11 September – no full return until it’s safe Boris.mp3

12 The Socialist Party says Put safety and.mp3

13 A fighting programme for Unite Socialist Party.mp3

14 PCS executive majority cancels union democracy.mp3

16 Tower Hamlets council workers strike back Hugo.mp3

17 Ratcliffe rats on Bridgend workers Mega-.mp3

18 Srebrenica massacre – 25 years on How capitalist.mp3

19 Books that inspired me On the revolutionary life.mp3

20 Will boosting the ‘black pound’ improve black.mp3

21 Black Lives Matter protests – another injustice.mp3

22 Books that inspired me The Mother Seas of.mp3

23 TV Ross Kemp – Living with Forced Out Families.mp3

24 Young Socialists against racism Jobs, homes,.mp3

25 Socialism 2020 – ideas to change the world 20-23.mp3

26 Nottingham trans rights protest Our demands are.mp3

27 Why I joined the Socialist Party – For a future.mp3

28 Thank you – your donations help us campaign and.mp3

29 Selling the Socialist in Swansea It’s good to.mp3

30 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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