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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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15% now - unions must fight for NHS pay rise

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1100, 9 September 2020

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01 Fight the schools Covid crisis Case numbers are.mp3

02 School student speaks out people are at each.mp3

03 Virus or fines Working-class parents in.mp3

04 Socialist Party demands for school safety.mp3

05 Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreaks Safety is being.mp3

06 Caerphilly lockdown puts profits before safety.mp3

07 Under the microscope Overwhelmed As the Tory.mp3

08 15% now – unions must fight for NHS pay rise.mp3

09 Callous Tories threaten not to uprate the minimum.mp3

10 XR blockade Don’t let the Tories criminalise.mp3

11 Grenfell fire inquiry stops victims attending.mp3

12 Video game developer attacks Black Lives Matter.mp3

13 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1100 U-turn.mp3

14 Fight Amazon’s anti-union spies A GMB union rep.mp3

15 NSSN rally Workers must not pay the price of.mp3

16 Nottingham City Council The (mis)adventures of.mp3

17 Covid-19 pandemic increases financial pressures.mp3

18 Ireland Debenham’s workers occupy stores.mp3

19 Hull Defend Tony Smith! Trade unionists will be.mp3

20 Reinstate Richie Venton Trade unionists held a.mp3

21 A critical election for Unison general secretary.mp3

22 Back at work! TUSC to stand in elections again.mp3

23 TUSC letter to trade union national executive.mp3

24 Jobs, training, pay, we want a future! Young.mp3

25 Dover Solidarity with refugees – applause and.mp3

26 Black Lives Matter Socialist alternative to.mp3

27 Big push to hit finance target Pete Mason,.mp3

28 Belarus Mass opposition continues to defy.mp3

29 Strike wave marks new stage in revival of Iranian.mp3

30 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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