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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Our lives, our jobs - not safe in Tory hands

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1108, 4 November 2020

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01 Our lives, our jobs – not safe in Tory hands.mp3

02 Editorial of the Socialist, issue 1108 Corbyn.mp3

03 Socialism 2020 Mass workers’ voice needed.mp3

04 Why I am backing Hugo Pierre for Unison general.mp3

05 Lockdown 2 and schools – what Hugo has to say.mp3

06 Corbyn suspended Hugo says workers need a.mp3

07 Socialists elected to Unison service groups.mp3

08 A lockdown that doesn’t include education.mp3

09 School worker speaks out Now is time to deliver.mp3

10 Uni teacher speaks out Impossible situation we.mp3

11 Schools Time to ballot for union-wide strike.mp3

12 Spycops inquiry finally opens 1,000 left-wing.mp3

13 Testing is failing – it’s a privatised mess An.mp3

14 Furloughed worker speaks out Let down by.mp3

15 Transport for London given six-month funding stop.mp3

16 Lockdown 2 looms Usdaw needs a fighting.mp3

17 Birmingham NHS porters’ 48-hour strike against.mp3

18 Optare strikers escalate their action Iain.mp3

19 Chile A defeat for the right! Referendum agrees.mp3

20 Poland Mass protests against abortion ban.mp3

21 Recent solidarity demo reports from Socialist.mp3

22 London Myślę, czuję, decyduję – I think, I.mp3

23 Southampton Zuzanna Skórniewska, organiser of.mp3

24 Nottingham On 31 October, 200 protesters.mp3

25 Leicester At the 300+ strong protest in.mp3

26 US presidential election 2020 – analysis in the.mp3

27 Save St Andrews mental health ward Dave Moody,.mp3

28 Leeds protesters demand Buhari must go! Leeds.mp3

29 Building Bangor Socialist Students to fight the.mp3

30 Maybe now they will listen – Refund the fees!.mp3

31 Donate now to the Socialism 2020 appeal We are.mp3

32 Corbyn suspended Join the fightback, join the.mp3

33 The Socialist Inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

34 Readers of the Socialist react to Corbyn’s.mp3

35 Union conference private technology fails We can.mp3

36 Robert Fisk told the truth about Palestine and.mp3

37 Dripping in profit The government’s Competition.mp3

38 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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