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Fund NHS, not Tory crony contracts

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1113, 9 December 2020

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01 Fund NHS, not Tory crony contracts Heather.mp3

02 Covid vaccines only first step – fight job losses,.mp3

03 Vaccine roll-out Priority for the first batches.mp3

04 Private manufacturers Manufacturing billions of.mp3

05 High street jobs, safety and pay We have to.mp3

06 Shop worker I’m burnt out I’m an assistant.mp3

07 Supermarkets They called us ‘key workers’, but.mp3

08 Supermarkets return bailout – it should have gone.mp3

09 Super-rich tax evasion costs 34 million nurses.mp3

10 Luxury for some, poverty for the rest of us.mp3

11 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1113 Should.mp3

12 RMT general secretary election – vote for Steve.mp3

13 Further education workers win pay rise in Wales -.mp3

14 UCU member England Further education workers in.mp3

15 HMRC pay talks – PCS needs to organise members.mp3

16 Reinstate sacked Unite London bus rep Judith.mp3

17 South London council workers vote to strike.mp3

18 Right populism after Trump Robert Bechert,.mp3

19 Malaysia Massive capitalist exploitation of.mp3

20 International news in brief Mass protests.mp3

21 India Millions join general strike Despite the.mp3

22 Engels and the answer to the housing question In.mp3

23 Welsh trades councils rally against the pay-.mp3

24 Why I joined the Socialist Party To take part in.mp3

25 Tenants and workers unite to take on landlords.mp3

26 ‘Oxford, Cut the Rent!’ campaign kicks off Adam.mp3

27 York students determined to build for rent.mp3

28 London Socialist Party hits the streets.mp3

29 TV review Red, White and Blue More than just.mp3

30 The Socialist Inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

31 Report on Tory party ‘hostile environment’ racism.mp3

32 Thank you for an excellent article I would like.mp3

33 Shocking poverty not hidden anymore The item on.mp3

34 Thatcher statue – forever is too soon In.mp3

35 Dentist rip-off What are they hiding There’s a £.mp3

36 Capitalism’s cure I have found a vaccine that.mp3

37 Obituary Roger Priest It is with great sadness.mp3

38 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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