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Sunday, May 19, 2024

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NHS pay: 3% is not enough

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1145, 25 August 2021

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01 Editorial of the Socialist Afghanistan disaster -.mp3

02 Afghanistan The Taliban takeover – what are the.mp3

02 Afghanistan in crisis A colossal failure of.mp3

03 NHS Pay 3% is not enough Reject the tory pay.mp3

04 UK hospitals in danger of collapse Fight for.mp3

05 University of Leeds students bribed to stay away.mp3

06 Exam results grade gap widens Fund our schools.mp3

07 Lessons from Poplar 100 years on It’s better to.mp3

08 NEU Oppose the pay freeze with action not just.mp3

09 Care workers struggle for a pay rise and trade.mp3

10 United action within and across unions will win.mp3

11 East Midlands rail strikes continue Clare.mp3

12 Homelessness workers fight for better pay and.mp3

13 Woolwich ferry strikers – taking action necessary.mp3

14 Liverpool university strike saves jobs Tommy,.mp3

15 Nigeria Comrade Omomeewa, student leader and.mp3

16 SNP-Green deal will not deliver for workers and.mp3

17 Reflections on the Lebanese tragedy one year on.mp3

18 Biggest in-person socialist event this year!.mp3

19 Ealing by-election Labour council has not.mp3

20 Why I rejoined the Socialist Party In Labour I.mp3

21 Councils declared climate emergency – now act.mp3

22 Wales Gearing up for 9 October youth marches.mp3

23 Liverpool Stop the arms fair! Roger Bannister,.mp3

24 Marching for Kashmir’s liberation Clive Walder,.mp3

25 Donate to stop Tories clawing back crumbs The.mp3

26 Film Review Martin Eden Establishment can’t.mp3

27 TV review Revolutionary Love You can feel the.mp3

28 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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