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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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NHS and social care - make the rich pay, not the workers

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1146, 8 September 2021

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01 NHS and social care – make the rich pay, not the.mp3

02 Workers shouldn’t pay for health and social care.mp3

03 End service cuts and care charges Fight for free,.mp3

04 Families demand rights for care home residents.mp3

05 Whipps Cross hospital workers reject the 3% Lily.mp3

06 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1146 Trades.mp3

07 Socialist Party national council – members.mp3

08 Why I joined the Socialist Party Phoebe Cox,.mp3

09 Union action needed to make schools Covid safe.mp3

10 Fighting NEU leadership needed to tackle school.mp3

11 Schools funding crisis fails vulnerable children.mp3

12 University bosses push through pension cuts.mp3

13 9 11 and the ‘War on Terror’ twenty years on On.mp3

14 Bexley bin workers win big gains after six-week.mp3

15 Equity protest to save arts centre forces talks.mp3

16 DWP Demand safe working and more jobs Katrine.mp3

17 DHL workers to strike against wage theft Unite.mp3

18 Organising to defend our future 9 October- Youth.mp3

19 Building Youth Fight for Jobs in the South West.mp3

20 Libya – ten years after Gaddafi’s overthrow.mp3

21 What the CWI said in 2011 Shortly after Gaddafi’.mp3

22 US Supreme Court refuses to challenge Texas.mp3

23 Keep fascists out of Portland Build a mass.mp3

24 The street I live on James Collett,.mp3

25 Socialist change, not climate change Dave.mp3

26 Save the planet – make capitalism extinct.mp3

27 TV Review Vigil A nuclear sub murder mystery.mp3

28 Obituary Roger Henshaw, comrade and class.mp3

29 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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