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Sunday, May 19, 2024

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Working class under attack

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1148, 22 September 2021

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01 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1148 Workers’.mp3

02 Working class under attack Low pay, benefit cuts,.mp3

03 NHS workers reject 3% insult Unions must.mp3

04 Energy market chaos makes the case for.mp3

05 Tory cuts to Universal Credit we need a union.mp3

06 Interview Bakers’ union to vote on Labour.mp3

07 Tax fraud could be over £20 billion annually The.mp3

08 Life expectancy falls – a condemnation of.mp3

09 Socialists and the four-day week Iain Dalton,.mp3

10 10 years since Occupy Lessons for generation.mp3

11 End the teaching workload crisis Vote Martin.mp3

12 MOJ pay deal accepted – we demand 10% and no.mp3

13 Workers at 13 colleges to strike over pay UCU.mp3

14 RMT announces new strike dates in East Midlands.mp3

15 Stop press Sparks walk out Over 200 NG Bailey.mp3

16 Oaks Park strikers call eleven days’ more action.mp3

17 German general election Die Linke party.mp3

18 Unemployment, low pay, rip-off uni fees, climate.mp3

20 Yorkshire Youth Fight for Jobs relaunched Work.mp3

21 West Sussex ‘disability tax’ – our protest is not.mp3

22 Fighting evictions in Cornwall Rob Rooney,.mp3

23 Leeds taxi drivers and disabled passengers unite.mp3

24 Socialist Students Youth lit up when they saw us.mp3

25 York Non-binary and trans rights protest Will.mp3

26 TV Review Help Heart-wrenching portrayal of.mp3

27 Gleision mine deaths Still fighting for justice.mp3

28 Corbyn had a social care plan An edited version.mp3

29 Who pays for the climate crisis Sam Morden,.mp3

30 Famine in Madagascar Climate change and the.mp3

31 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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