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Friday, June 21, 2024

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NHS not safe in Tory hands

Audio files for The Socialist issue 884, 13 January 2016

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00 Editorial of the SocialistCorbyn.mp3

01 NHS not safe in tory handsSupport.mp3

02 Junior doctors’ strike picket photos.mp3

03 Cuts, debt and exhaustionHealth.mp3

04 Doctors battle burnout as 100 full.mp3

05 Shattered but proud , a day in.mp3

06 Student nurses march to oppose.mp3

07 Bosses ‘earn’ year’s pay in under.mp3

08 BBC planned live Labour resignation.mp3

09 Power tripA UK power plant is under.mp3

10 What We SawNew wave quintet Squeeze.mp3

11 Top tweetsThe right-wing media.mp3

12 Them & UsIt’s one law for them.mp3

13 Slums, speculation, sell-offs and.mp3

14 Cameron’s housing conFor a mass.mp3

15 Sheffield housing staff strike.mp3

16 Cameron’s 10,000 new homes won.mp3

17 476,000 homes in England go unbuilt.mp3

18 A clear strategy to defeat the.mp3

19 Stoke-on-Trent’s council uses reserves.mp3

20 Councillors must resistNaomi Byron.mp3

21 Southampton people’s budget meetingBo.mp3

22 Book review – Victor An Unfinished.mp3

23 LettersDo you have something to.mp3

24 Guinea pigsThe New Year release.mp3

25 Poll tax provocateursI was reading.mp3

26 Sexual assaults in Cologne exploited.mp3

27 Saudi Arabia mass executionsTories.mp3

28 Honduras Day of the endangered.mp3

29 West Dunbartonshire teachers fightback.mp3

30 Energy-filled pickets at EDFA Unite.mp3

31 Workplace news in briefVasey victory.mp3

32 We hope to inspire people to go.mp3

33 Report Socialist Party national.mp3

34 Eleanor Marx a life of struggle.mp3

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