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Friday, June 21, 2024

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Housing: smash the Tory wrecking bill

Audio files for The Socialist issue 886, 27 January 2016

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01 Housing smash the Tory wrecking.mp3

02 Davos summit a broken capitalist.mp3

03 Google pays pittance for avoiding.mp3

04 Red doors and wristbands scandal.mp3

05 Steelworkers may face benefit cut.mp3

06 Oscars snub black artists fight.mp3

07 Right-wing Labour councillor smears.mp3

08 Them & UsPensioners freeze, energy.mp3

09 Top tweets #TraditionallySubmissiveDavid.mp3

10 Teaching a perfect storm is brewingJames.mp3

11 Strike to win! Teachers need a.mp3

12 A day in the life of a teacher.mp3

13 ‘Arab Spring’ five years onNew.mp3

14 India student death exposes caste.mp3

15 The editorial of the SocialistTories.mp3

16 Stop press Labour councillor suspended.mp3

17 Dave Nellist’s byelection appeal.mp3

18 Labour election post-mortem nothing.mp3

19 The dark arts of Labour’s rightDerek.mp3

20 Councillors must fight to defend.mp3

21 ‘People’s budgets’ and local democracySocia.mp3

22 Lewisham no backsliding in council.mp3

23 I have left work many times in.mp3

24 Kill the bill Trade Union Bill.mp3

25 Birmingham teachers strike to resist.mp3

26 24-hour tube strike suspendedA.mp3

27 Care services under threat in HaringeyJohn.mp3

28 Workplace news in briefRep defendedTube.mp3

29 Capitalism ensures the end for.mp3

30 Obituary Dean Meehan 1962-2016Iain.mp3

31 LettersDo you have something to.mp3

32 Angry campaigners protest against.mp3

33 Children’s services closure protestThere.mp3

34 New Socialist Party branch fights.mp3

35 Socialist Party discusses the fight.mp3

36 Socialist Students bake-offSchool.mp3

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