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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Vote 'Out' the Tories

Audio files for The Socialist issue 890, 24 February 2016

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01 Editorial of the Socialist, issue.mp3

02 Junior doctors back new strikesThree.mp3

03 Trident thousands to march – scrap.mp3

04 Butterfields tenants demand action.mp3

05 Children take over Cardiff County.mp3

06 ‘Benefit tourism’ twaddleThe Tories.mp3

07 Cameron, Cameron, meal snatcherThe.mp3

08 Them & UsGamblers’ remorse… Crack.mp3

09 Tower Hamlets to take anti-cuts.mp3

10 Leeds sets up people’s budget campaignIain.mp3

11 Leeds Labour ‘anti-austerity’ meeting.mp3

12 Unison at a crossroadsNeil CafferkyIndu.mp3

13 Hong Kong new year riotPolice violence.mp3

14 International news in briefVideo.mp3

15 Ireland General election final.mp3

16 Turkey CWI national conferenceMembers.mp3

17 Victory for striking EDF energy.mp3

18 Pensions strike by water workers.mp3

19 Fresh round of strikes against.mp3

20 Stress, abuse and longer hours.mp3

21 Workers unite to fight pay attack.mp3

22 Workplace news in briefEducation.mp3

23 60 years ago…Khrushchev the Stalinist.mp3

24 Theatre review Iphigenia in SplottOne.mp3

25 LettersDo you have something to.mp3

26 Huddersfield save our A&E! Join.mp3

27 Momentum must take the fight to.mp3

28 Gateshead reprieve for respite.mp3

29 Save Derbyshire children’s centresChesterfi.mp3

30 Wakefield no fracking, no cutsWakefield.mp3

31 Cumbria cuts – the grim reaper.mp3

33 Campaign to save Pent Valley continuesKen.mp3

34 Socialist Party regional conference.mp3

35 North WestThe Socialist Party North.mp3

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