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Friday, June 14, 2024

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Nationalise steel

Audio files for The Socialist issue 896, 6 April 2016

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01 Workers’ action to…Nationalise.mp3

02 Editorial of the Socialist, issue.mp3

03 My hometown lost its soul when.mp3

04 Steel crisisBosses and union tops.mp3

05 Panama Papers They’re all in it.mp3

06 TUSC in ‘surprise bid’ for official.mp3

07 TUSC councillor calls on trust.mp3

08 EU begins deporting refugeesThe.mp3

09 Housing crisis London Labour councils.mp3

10 Them & UsPanama PapersThe global.mp3

11 NHS facilities to start paying.mp3

12 Uber and Facebook tax dodge scandalIntern.mp3

13 Needed A real living wage – not.mp3

14 Library occupied in ‘siege’ against.mp3

15 Save Pent Valley school demonstration.mp3

16 Butterfields tenants and supporters.mp3

17 Fighting fund target smashed, again.mp3

18 Save BIS SheffieldNorthern Powerhouse.mp3

19 Land Registry workers ready to.mp3

20 Workers and campaigners fight council.mp3

21 Transport union RMT protests against.mp3

22 Workplace news in briefAcademies.mp3

23 TUSC election challenge 2016Getting.mp3

24 Good showing for TUSC in Dundee.mp3

25 TUSC challenging Ukip in WalesTUSC.mp3

26 Mayor of Salford – TUSC blocked.mp3

27 Bernie Sanders campaign an opportunity.mp3

28 International news in brief420.mp3

29 Belgium Anti-racists arrested while.mp3

30 Homelessness holding kids back.mp3

31 Stop divisive attacks on pensioners.mp3

32 LettersDo you have something to.mp3

33 Women’s wagesThere can’t be many.mp3

34 Primary problemsThe Tories’ gerrymanderin.mp3

35 Brum budgetAfter cutting £565 million.mp3

36 Dole disgraceA woman giving birth.mp3

37 EU Pee-yew!Liz Kendall believes.mp3

38 ‘Red’ Reading I went along to Reading.mp3

39 History mysteryAfter finishing.mp3

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