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Sunday, June 23, 2024

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Shatter the Tories: vote out

Audio files for The Socialist issue 904, 1 June 2016

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01 Shatter the Tories vote outSarah.mp3

02 Wales TUC passes motion for no.mp3

03 Wales TUC Conference Cynhadledd.mp3

04 Jobseekers told take three-hour.mp3

05 Public asset sales will lose us.mp3

06 Stop Ryedale frackingJohn Sibbald.mp3

07 Blairite baloneyDisgruntled Labour.mp3

08 Khan airThe new mayor of London.mp3

09 Library lieA south London borough.mp3

10 Them & UsShoplifters…A police.mp3

11 Tories out to knife the BBCSocialists.mp3

12 France Workers’ struggle against.mp3

13 How can the movement go forward.mp3

14 France 1936 sit-in strikes showed.mp3

15 Fight attacks on workers’ rights.mp3

16 Tories tearing themselves apart.mp3

17 PCS conference takes serious approach.mp3

18 Could it be 3 strikes and you’re.mp3

19 Welsh Government under attack at.mp3

20 Victory in sightDave ReidThe courageous.mp3

21 University lecturers strike for.mp3

22 Thomas Cook cabin crew to strike.mp3

23 BIS office closure Anger and determination.mp3

24 Workplace news in briefTaxi troubleTaxi.mp3

25 Over 400 steelworkers marched in.mp3

26 Property speculators target Butterfields.mp3

27 Campaigners take Kent council to.mp3

28 Furious parents and staff campaign.mp3

29 Birmingham Labour council takes.mp3

30 Peterborough PFI palaverPeterborough.mp3

31 Get a copy of the Socialist from.mp3

32 Lisbon dockers victoryJoão Félix.mp3

33 Solidarity with protesters in KazakhstanP.mp3

34 Film Money MonsterEngaging attack.mp3

35 Obituary Simon Gomery 1968-2016Members.mp3

36 LetterParcel farceTrying to get.mp3

37 Do you have something to say Send.mp3

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