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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Kick out the Blairites

Audio files for The Socialist issue 913, 24 August 2016

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01 #KeepCorbynKick out the BlairitesJames.mp3

02 Editorial of the Socialist, issue.mp3

03 #KeepCorbynCorbyn union nominations.mp3

04 #KeepCorbyn huge support at rallies.mp3

05 Black footballer’s taser death.mp3

06 Pay still below pre-crisis levelsBecci.mp3

07 Train fares to rise again – nationalise.mp3

08 £500m on civil service redundancies.mp3

09 Them & UsDuke of WestminsterHow.mp3

10 US presidential electionTrump in.mp3

11 International news in briefShort.mp3

12 Readers respond to Trotskyist red.mp3

13 Witch-hunter WatsonRight-wing Labour.mp3

14 Liverpool’s legacyAnother favourite.mp3

15 Housing hypocrisyUnder the headline.mp3

16 Would you call G4S for help over.mp3

17 The Socialist inboxDo you have.mp3

18 SDP splittersI am old enough and.mp3

19 No nukes – no warsThe parliamentary.mp3

20 Brexit’s bully bossesBritish capitalists.mp3

21 Mammoth payI read in the news that.mp3

22 PLP panicFirst the Blairites changed.mp3

23 Striking driver talks to the SocialistDeliv.mp3

24 Junior doctors set for further.mp3

25 A day in the life of a call centre.mp3

26 Workplace news in briefShort reports.mp3

27 Blairite crushJohn McTernan, the.mp3

28 Save our NHS!Stop cuts and privatisation.mp3

29 The threat of private health insuranceJon.mp3

30 Organise against secretive NHS.mp3

31 Greenwich council tenants We won.mp3

32 Local estate agents back Butterfields.mp3

33 Nottinghamshire Pride makes historyNottingh.mp3

34 Immingham residents’ housing battleMatt.mp3

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