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Monday, June 24, 2024

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#KeepCorbyn: Kick out the Tories and the Blairites

Audio files for The Socialist issue 917, 21 September 2016

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01 After the Labour leadership election Battle.mp3

02 All Greater Manchester firefighters face sack.mp3

03 Hinkley Point C wasteful, dangerous and.mp3

04 NHS care rationing already rife ‘Harriet Ryman’,.mp3

05 Them & Us bosses’ bonus billions bonanza £44.mp3

06 Provocateur accusation against Met police spy.mp3

07 School sexism Three in five young women aged.mp3

08 Zero-hour zealots Guardian and Center Parcs.mp3

09 New Tory attacks on Higher Education – a.mp3

10 Socialist Students setting out our stall.mp3

11 Hillsborough College, Sheffield Me and fellow.mp3

12 Waltham Forest FE colleges Socialist Party.mp3

13 After TUC congress 2016 Mobilise the anger!.mp3

14 Thousands of Post Office workers strike.mp3

15 Film review Blacklisted A film about power, the.mp3

16 Tube strike over management bullying Strike.mp3

17 Workplace news in brief Junior doctors Junior.mp3

18 Libya imperialist intervention helped wreck.mp3

19 #JobstownNotGuilty trials begin Irish state.mp3

20 Non-fiction review Petticoat Heroes Uncovering.mp3

21 Comment nightlife Iconic nightclub Fabric.mp3

22 The Socialist inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

23 Featured letter refugee rescue Every day – if.mp3

24 Meadow Well riots This year is the 25th.mp3

25 Voter preventer Eric Pickles has recommended.mp3

26 Boot out Blairites The conniving,.mp3

27 Greedy grammars In Theresa May’s first speech.mp3

28 Usdaw Activist I have recently come back from.mp3

29 #KeepCorbyn campaign reports Birmingham.mp3

30 Why I joined the Socialist Party I’ve had.mp3

31 Fightback is on to save NHS heart services Steve.mp3

32 Tamil Solidarity demands refugee rights.mp3

33 Sheffield mental health services to lose council.mp3

34 Disgraceful decision to close vital Bradford day.mp3

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