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Monday, June 24, 2024

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#CorbynWins: No compromise on fighting austerity

Audio files for The Socialist issue 918, 28 September 2016

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01 Editorial of the Socialist, issue 918.mp3

02 Labour Party conference campaigning to reinstate.mp3

03 CorbynWins New tasks for TUSC The Trade.mp3

04 Theresa May attacks migrants and refugees Naomi.mp3

05 One million victims of ‘rogue’ landlords Nancy.mp3

06 Incompetent bosses waste £46 million suspending.mp3

07 Wales school students late and hungry due to.mp3

08 Socialist speaks at UN A member of the.mp3

09 What We Saw Socialist Liverpool FC supporters’.mp3

11 Them & Us Pension plunder The head of.mp3

12 Coaster crime The boss of theme park Alton.mp3

13 Suspended adulthood the norm for young people.mp3

14 Socialist Students launched in USA Student.mp3

15 Knowsley No A-level education on offer Neil.mp3

16 Setting out our stall reports of campus.mp3

17 1936 The Battle of Cable Street When workers.mp3

18 Black history month and its relevance today In.mp3

19 The guard stays on the train after the RMT.mp3

20 Junior doctors’ strikes off – coordinated action.mp3

21 Victory for firefighters facing dismissal in.mp3

22 The Ritzy strikes back Laurence Maples, Lambeth.mp3

23 Napo conference 2016 bloodied but unbowed! Napo.mp3

24 Unison Broad Left meeting Declan Clune On 23.mp3

25 Newcastle Socialist Party defies ban to counter.mp3

26 Socialism 2016 Get face to face with the.mp3

27 NHS heart centre campaign intensifies Steve.mp3

28 Washdyke v Shoreline the housing battle in.mp3

29 Pedal power pounds A sponsored bike ride from.mp3

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