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Housing crisis can be beaten

Audio files for The Socialist issue 920, 12 October 2016

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01 Butterfields victory housing crisis can be.mp3

02 The Socialist Party raised our voices This is.mp3

03 Tories’ £5bn for housing not enough For a.mp3

04 What we think Tories whip up division over.mp3

05 Where next for the BMA – is the junior doctors’.mp3

06 Tories undemocratically overrule council Say no.mp3

07 Support the Rotherham 12 Alistair Tice Chants.mp3

08 Suicidal phone calls fight to reverse tax credit.mp3

09 Reader’s comment Malcolm X hero of black.mp3

10 Union campaign strikes blow against Bromley.mp3

11 Sheffield bin workers’ strike – about more than.mp3

12 AMEY = A Massive Empty Yard Alistair Tice.mp3

13 Ritzy strikers walk-out and rally Ritzy.mp3

14 Workplace news in brief Southern strike.mp3

15 William Hill wage axe Managers for William.mp3

16 Poland Mass movement stops total ban on abortion.mp3

17 South Africa The battle for free education.mp3

18 Israel Palestine Shimon Peres – a wolf in sheep’.mp3

19 Lambeth working class demo against cuts and.mp3

20 Appeal Don’t let the banks wreck our finances!.mp3

21 Momentum should show Blairites the door, not.mp3

22 Lobby in Sheffield to keep vital day centre.mp3

23 Bradford day centre campaigners meet to fight.mp3

24 Fight to save care homes in Carlisle Carlisle.mp3

25 Cable Street 80th anniversary demo The.mp3

26 Attack on young people’s health and social care.mp3

27 Stop the ‘Children and Social Work Bill’ blitz ‘.mp3

28 The Socialist inbox Liverpool FC and the fight.mp3

29 Guardian gripe ‘What we saw’ in the last.mp3

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