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It's Socialism or Trumpism - build a socialist alternative to defeat the right

Audio files for The Socialist issue 925, 16 November 2016

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01 Trump victory Failure of the Democrat.mp3

02 What we think Trump victory shows the right can’.mp3

03 Socialism 2016 Electrifying and powerful weekend.mp3

04 Saturday night rally ‘The centre cannot hold’.mp3

05 Organising the resistance Scott Jones, East.mp3

06 Michael Crick debates Militant’s history with.mp3

07 What you thought I can’t stop thinking about.mp3

08 Mass prison officer walkout over health and.mp3

09 Solid Durham teaching assistants strike as 2,000.mp3

10 London Underground RMT wins massive victory and.mp3

11 Steel workers’ pensions under threat again Welsh.mp3

12 Deliveroo couriers get organised Rob Williams,.mp3

13 Workplace news in brief Drivers’ dispute Not.mp3

14 Sweet strike GMB has announced four days of.mp3

15 Bin bust-up Two full days and two half days of.mp3

17 Support the campaign to readmit expelled.mp3

18 Secret hospital closures bosses must come clean.mp3

19 £1 5trn household debt nationalise – the banks!.mp3

20 Court win against bedroom tax not enough Amalia,.mp3

21 Super-rich investigated One third of ‘high net.mp3

22 Students and workers unite and fight! Claire.mp3

23 Privatisation and the ‘race to the bottom’.mp3

24 Health service workers – a history of struggle.mp3

25 Fighting trade unions – key to defending.mp3

26 Southampton Labour must bin Tory cuts!.mp3

27 Cumbria Stop axing care home places Carlisle.mp3

28 TUSC vindicated in censorship protest As the.mp3

29 Bristol campaigners demand anti-austerity.mp3

30 Film review A Street Cat Named Bob Heart-.mp3

31 The Socialist Inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

32 Featured letter Real cost of NHS cuts The.mp3

33 One member, one vote The right wing of the.mp3

34 Busted bus I caught my last bus recently – not.mp3

35 Words not enough Mere words will not force a.mp3

36 Reformism warning I hope our leading comrades.mp3

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