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Fight austerity

Audio files for The Socialist issue 926, 23 November 2016

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01 Cash for rich and royals, cuts for the 99% -.mp3

02 Tories drop ‘pay to stay’ In a humiliating and.mp3

03 Tories plan pain with Brexit Autumn Statement.mp3

04 £3 5bn on temporary housing for councils Spend.mp3

05 ‘Just about managing’ families £2,500 worse off.mp3

06 Job figures mask casualisation For real jobs,.mp3

07 What We Saw Should young people have to work.mp3

08 Can socialists organise to defeat the rise of.mp3

09 Should Labour readmit the socialists it expelled.mp3

10 Editorial of the Socialist, issue 926 The.mp3

11 Fight back to save education! Bridget Taylor,.mp3

12 Campaigning Socialist Students groups needed to.mp3

13 Lessons of N30 2011 pension strike when workers.mp3

14 USA mass protests break out to #ResistTrump.mp3

15 Ireland repeal the 8th Amendment – fight for.mp3

16 Spain Students’ Union surges forward in historic.mp3

17 Hundreds rally to celebrate anniversary of.mp3

18 UN climate change summit more hot air from.mp3

19 I don’t always feel that I’m a carer anymore -.mp3

20 Southern Rail Strike RMT members who are.mp3

21 What we heard Reselection motion passed at.mp3

22 Packed-out Socialist Party meetings hear American.mp3

23 School talk on the struggle for the vote and its.mp3

24 The Socialist inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

25 Blame The Poor! Those ‘stupid masses’, They’.mp3

26 Palace v peasants It’s hardly a big surprise.mp3

27 Obituary Bill Graham Bill Graham, a former.mp3

28 Hunting Hunt The one and only Tristram Hunt MP.mp3

29 Consulate complaint We are always taught that.mp3

30 Trump talk Watching a news programme the.mp3

31 Why I joined the Socialist Party I can’t stop.mp3

32 Socialism 2016 – What you thought The.mp3

33 At Socialism 2016 weekend many Socialist Party.mp3

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