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NHS crisis: we're fighting back

Audio files for The Socialist issue 929, 14 December 2016

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01 NHS crisis we’re fighting back! Jackie Grunsell,.mp3

02 End the Tories’ war on the working poor Dave.mp3

03 Amazon workers living in tents Fight for a £10.mp3

04 Pfizer drug extortion – nationalise big pharma!.mp3

05 Trust in politicians reaches all-time low.mp3

06 No to home seizures for care bills James Ivens.mp3

07 Them & Us Billions for them What might the.mp3

08 Editorial of the Socialist, issue 929.mp3

09 What kind of education What kind of education.mp3

10 Education for all – not exam factories Jane.mp3

11 CWI opportunities for substantial growth Judy.mp3

12 Glasgow Labour leaders deluged with protests in.mp3

13 Victory for UPS parcel workers Unite the Union.mp3

14 Nationalise Tata Steel to save jobs and pensions.mp3

15 Doncaster bin workers strike against draconian.mp3

16 Derby TAs to strike against pay cut Charlie.mp3

17 Southern Rail back the strikes, nationalise the.mp3

18 Birmingham Labour Corbyn supporters need not.mp3

19 The Socialist Party and fighting women’s.mp3

20 Socialist women national meeting Saturday 7.mp3

21 Doncaster cuts give rise to ‘tent city’.mp3

22 Scrooge Tory council confronted over treatment of.mp3

23 It’s the bumper Socialist 2016 quiz! Here’s.mp3

24 Answers Numbers and percentages 1) 172 to 40.mp3

25 Deaths and comebacks – 2016 sounds for your.mp3

26 The Socialist Inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

27 Scrooge bosses You could be forgiven for.mp3

28 It’s a lottery The Tories are gambling with.mp3

29 Liberal confusion Since Brexit, the election.mp3

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