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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Stand with the RMT: Unite against Southern Rail and the Tories

Audio files for The Socialist issue 935, 8 February 2017

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01 Stand with the RMT unite against Southern Rail.mp3

02 Southern dispute Aslef members must reject offer.mp3

03 Southern dispute disappointment and anger – RMT.mp3

04 #NoBanNoWall #ResistTrump Solidarity not racism -.mp3

05 Build student walkout against Trump’s UK visit.mp3

06 Socialist Students leads school and college.mp3

07 Defend immigrant communities Cora Bergantinos,.mp3

08 Protesting in Britain London Once again.mp3

09 SNP and Greens agree cuts budget in Scotland.mp3

10 No cuts, no closures, save our NHS! Steve Score,.mp3

11 NHS fight for funding – not passport checks.mp3

12 Universal basic income – what do socialists say.mp3

13 RMT wins important tube jobs and grading victory.mp3

14 London Midland victory RMT forces bosses to.mp3

15 BA strike We’re being paid well below what we.mp3

16 AWE pension strikers vow to fight on Nick.mp3

17 Workplace news in brief DWP closures I spoke.mp3

18 Picturehouse strike The Picturehouse cinema.mp3

19 Deliveroo walkout Brighton Deliveroo drivers.mp3

20 Syria Is an end to the war in sight The.mp3

21 Romania mass protests against corrupt Social.mp3

22 Labour Party members in Cardiff expelled for.mp3

23 Dear brothers and sisters in the labour movement,.mp3

24 Support Cardiff’s No-Cuts Three! Three young.mp3

25 Campaign forces Surrey council to back down on.mp3

26 Regional Socialist Party conferences discuss.mp3

27 Southern Members from seven branches met.mp3

28 Make some noise for Orgreave! Orgreave Truth and.mp3

29 Canterbury Socialist Party attends ‘I, Daniel.mp3

30 Non-fiction review Lenin on the Train Tense,.mp3

31 Smearing socialism by attacking the arts James.mp3

32 The Socialist Inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

33 Roger retires The North West region of Unison.mp3

34 Ambulance alert The North West Ambulance.mp3

35 Strike solidarity A strike of agency workers.mp3

36 Play praise I was very impressed and inspired.mp3

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