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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Kick out the Tories! Fight the bosses' establishment

Audio files for The Socialist issue 946, 26 April 2017

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01 Editorial of the Socialist, issue 946 Corbyn.mp3

02 From the TUSC website Saturday 22 April 2017.mp3

03 40% of GPs plan to quit – reverse all NHS cuts.mp3

04 Cuts, profit and bureaucracy lead to 50% rise in.mp3

05 200,000 empty homes – 250,000 homeless – end.mp3

06 Benefit bullies A man with chronic health.mp3

07 Refugee rescue Over 1,000 migrants have died.mp3

08 Tory trouble Three leading staff members.mp3

09 What we saw Looking for an affordable home in.mp3

10 The real origins of May Day Dave Nellist,.mp3

11 French presidential election Macron and Le Pen.mp3

12 Rejection of the French establishment.mp3

13 Strikes can end nurses’ poverty pay Unions and.mp3

14 Len McCluskey re-election – a defeat for the.mp3

15 Usdaw ADM 2017 Left challenge needed to end.mp3

16 PCS Left Unity says get rid of the Tories!.mp3

17 BMW strikers determined to win pensions dispute.mp3

18 Forest Hill School demonstration 200 staff and.mp3

19 Workplace news in brief CWU conference latest.mp3

20 Security strike It was a brisk morning to say.mp3

21 20 years since 1997 general election How.mp3

22 The sequel to The Rise of Militant by Peter.mp3

23 Jobstown trial begins – call on Corbyn to support.mp3

24 Health Campaigns Together meets to chart the way.mp3

25 Protests in solidarity with LGBT+ people facing.mp3

26 Doncaster TUSC TUSC’s programme for local jobs.mp3

27 Peter Taaffe speaks in Birkenhead Birkenhead.mp3

28 East London tenants fight 40% rent hike.mp3

29 The Socialist inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

30 Life-or-death election Watching the brilliant ‘.mp3

31 Militant v metro-mayor I’m curious about the.mp3

32 Militant v Momentum It seems that most.mp3

33 Holocaust hero As a teacher of history I am.mp3

34 Football frenzy AFC Militant, the recently.mp3

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