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Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Socialist policies can beat the Tories

Audio files for The Socialist issue 947, 3 May 2017

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01 Editorial of the Socialist, issue 947 Race.mp3

02 Freeing workers and unions Rob Williams,.mp3

03 Fighting poverty pay Glenn Kelly, Socialist.mp3

04 Corbyn and McDonnell’s 20-point workers’ charter.mp3

05 Corbyn pledges a million homes and landlord.mp3

06 McDonnell promises reversal of Tories’ tax cuts.mp3

07 Corbyn pledges end to uni fees and school cuts.mp3

08 Corbyn government would lift NHS pay cap Roger.mp3

09 Support for socialist programme in Labour.mp3

10 Beyond the crisis point saving social care.mp3

11 Councils can fight the care cuts You have.mp3

12 Organise care workers ‘Glynn Doherty’, trade.mp3

13 What should Corbyn’s programme on care include.mp3

14 Packed court laughs down cutter Joan Burton’s.mp3

15 Trump’s policies hit a wall Building a.mp3

16 NUS leadership Blairites supported by.mp3

17 Unison health conference fury over leadership’s.mp3

18 Union leadership and Labour right challenged at.mp3

19 McDonald’s forced to back down on zero-hours.mp3

20 PCS elections – vote Democracy Alliance Marion.mp3

21 Transport union protests against driver-only.mp3

22 Exhibition review ‘Russian revolution – hope,.mp3

23 Mersey metro-mayor TV debate TUSC Mersey metro-.mp3

24 ‘Socialist Steve’ takes on the robots Steve.mp3

25 TUSC’s south Wales challenge to pro-cuts parties.mp3

26 Buy your ticket now for the political event of.mp3

27 Housing association workers’ and tenants’.mp3

28 Sheffield mental health campaigner austerity.mp3

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