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Monday, July 22, 2024

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Kick out the Tories! For a Corbyn-led government

Audio files for The Socialist issue 949, 17 May 2017

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01 Fight for jobs, pay and services Kick out the.mp3

02 Tories out! Corbyn can win with socialist.mp3

03 Corbyn’s manifesto An important step in the.mp3

04 TUSC confirms no candidates in June and full.mp3

05 Suprise Corbyn rally in Morley With only a few.mp3

06 Free education, EMA, £10 hr, no zero-hours.mp3

07 Corbyn could re-win Scotland with a socialist.mp3

08 One in three borrow for rent, Corbyn pledges.mp3

09 Tories escape election fraud charges Corbyn.mp3

10 NHS cyberattack budget cuts and spy agency to.mp3

11 31,000 more kids at risk of abuse or neglect.mp3

12 PCS election Increased majority for Democracy.mp3

13 Support Corbyn’s call to renationalise Royal Mail.mp3

14 CWU walkout wins large concessions By a Royal.mp3

15 Blackpool deserves better – anti-austerity rally.mp3

16 Unison must back Corbyn’s pledge to abolish zero-.mp3

17 Workplace news in brief Fujitsu fight Fujitsu.mp3

18 Blacklisted Frank Morris, a member of Unite’s.mp3

19 RCN result Members of the RCN nursing union.mp3

20 Voter registration Socialist ideas are.mp3

21 General election finance appeal Fund the fight.mp3

22 Israel Palestine Palestinian prisoners on mass.mp3

22 Packed meeting sets out socialist policies needed.mp3

24 Brazil General strike against Temer regime On.mp3

25 Barcelona May Days 1937 – a civil war within a.mp3

26 Theatre review Ocho The story of workers from.mp3

27 The Socialist inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

28 Property fat cats The radical waves from.mp3

29 Foodbanks There are complex reasons why.mp3

30 Clean Aire Aire Valley Against Incineration (.mp3

31 Junk mail I have received a letter from.mp3

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