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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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This bosses' government must go

Audio files for The Socialist issue 956, 12 July 2017

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01 This bosses’ government must go Organise.mp3

02 Grenfell stitch-up unions should call.mp3

03 G20 betrays refugees created by its own policies.mp3

04 Striking Barts health workers an example of ‘.mp3

05 Vote for action to save Bridgend Ford plant Rob.mp3

06 Low-paid cabin crew protest in middle of 16-day.mp3

07 Wales DWP announces office closures and job.mp3

08 BMA doctor’s union in shift to left at conference.mp3

09 Strike action against driver-only operated trains.mp3

10 Durham TAs reject council’s pay offer Durham.mp3

11 A political voice for workers The left unions.mp3

12 July Days 1917 battles with counterrevolution.mp3

13 Lots of discussions at the Durham Miners Gala on.mp3

14 The Socialist spring offensive Ian Pattison, the.mp3

15 Socialism and ice cream! Wirral Socialist.mp3

16 Southampton Labour must reverse devastating.mp3

17 Waltham Forest – fighting school cuts A joint.mp3

18 Fighting corporate takeover at London Pride.mp3

19 Chingford Corbyn attacks pay freeze during tour.mp3

20 Huddersfield parties in the park to save hospital.mp3

21 Save Glenfield heart centre The latest protest.mp3

22 Leeds campaigns to save NHS on its 69th birthday.mp3

23 Theatre review Ocho School students’ remarkable.mp3

24 The Socialist inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

25 Scrap the cap The old and favoured method of.mp3

26 On guard On a recent journey into London I was.mp3

27 Grenfell Tower The Worcestershire Unite union.mp3

28 Truth About Zane Staines Socialist Party.mp3

29 Homeland hooey CIA spy drama Homeland is.mp3

30 Sickening statistics There’s so much talk.mp3

31 Poland and Trotsky I found the letter by.mp3

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