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Friday, July 12, 2024

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Nasty party out the Tories

Audio files for The Socialist issue 966, 11 October 2017

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01 Nasty party imploding drive out the Tories.mp3

02 Major attacks ‘Universal Credit’, half a million.mp3

03 IMF helps cause inequality it slams The.mp3

04 NHS meltdown – fight the Tory cuts There’s.mp3

06 Them & Us Lords’ expenses Unelected peers.mp3

07 Bank v ‘populism’ Even the bankers are.mp3

09 Airbnb tax dodger Airbnb revenue – £131m.mp3

10 We stand with Catalonia For a socialist.mp3

11 Reactionary forces step up response – Continue.mp3

12 Black History Month 2017 The fight against.mp3

13 Low pay and exploitation black workers lead the.mp3

14 Oppression of black and minority ethnic people.mp3

15 Royal Mail workers fight court attempt to stop.mp3

16 Northern Ireland Boeing bust-up threatens.mp3

17 Who’s watching who The fight for justice, trade.mp3

18 Workplace news in brief PCS takes the wheel!.mp3

19 BAE job cuts Britain’s biggest defence.mp3

20 Cinema strike Picturehouse cinema workers in.mp3

21 Housing crisis Corbyn’s positive measures.mp3

22 No more fire deaths – ensure safety now! Stoke.mp3

23 Tories renege on tower block safety funding ‘.mp3

24 Don’t wreck our rec! Campaigning to save green.mp3

25 Carlisle NHS campaigners hand in petition to MP.mp3

26 Cardiff Socialist Students confront ‘Parasite’.mp3

27 Manchester rally discussed unionisation and.mp3

28 Join the Orgreave Halloween rally Orgreave Truth.mp3

29 Too much to cross the Mersey TUSC members and.mp3

30 Biography Harry Constable in his own words.mp3

31 Reader’s Comment Theresa May, Frida Kahlo and.mp3

32 TV drama The State Shocking insight into Isis.mp3

33 The Socialist Inbox Cult conference Local.mp3

34 Procter problems Procter and Gamble (P&G) is.mp3

35 Ryanair nosedive Why do people such as the.mp3

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