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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Unite to kick out the Tories

Audio files for The Socialist issue 972, 22 November 2017

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01 After the Budget Step up the fight against.mp3

02 Editorial of the Socialist, issue 972 Budget.mp3

03 What does the left victory in Scottish Labour.mp3

04 Zimbabwe Mugabe gone – but his regime remains in.mp3

05 Australia massive yes vote for marriage equality.mp3

06 Trump’s tax attacks Billionaire president.mp3

07 Scotland BiFab workers’ occupation and march.mp3

08 Usdaw general secretary coronation Socialist.mp3

09 Leeds college workers protest poor pay rises.mp3

10 Virgin train workers vote for strike action over.mp3

11 Sheffield Eastern Ave Job Centre strike ends.mp3

12 Posh estate agent’s housing crisis solution make.mp3

13 Them & us Property empires v avocadoes The.mp3

14 eats for landlords One in seven.mp3

15 Councils’ £1bn on commercial property amid.mp3

16 Tories refuse extra cash to health service NHS.mp3

17 Gentrification on the terraces fans say twenty’s.mp3

18 Carbon dioxide hits 800,000-year high end profit-.mp3

19 Lively student demonstration for free education.mp3

20 Socialism 2017 Socialist Students meet-up Amid.mp3

21 Nottingham ‘Reclaim the Night’ march highlights.mp3

22 Southampton Corbynista success but cuts continue.mp3

23 Disability cuts outrage my story A Derby.mp3

24 Humour – Jonathan Pie Off the Record Left comic’.mp3

25 The Socialist inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

26 Prison principles To hear a union leader say.mp3

27 Gentrifying Manchester I live in Chorlton,.mp3

28 Solar suggestion Three or four years ago I.mp3

29 Umbrella umbrage I found ‘Blacklisted’ a.mp3

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