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Save our NHS

Audio files for The Socialist issue 975, 13 December 2017

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01 Editorial of the Socialist issue 975 Brexit deal.mp3

02 Editorial of the Socialist issue 975 Labour ‘.mp3

03 Committee for a Workers’ International document.mp3

04 Trump’s incendiary Jerusalem statement reignites.mp3

05 110 years ago massacre at Santa Maria school in.mp3

06 Underfunded, understaffed, under attack Save our.mp3

07 Two in five ‘right to buy’ homes now for let.mp3

08 Retail sector crunch nationalise to save jobs.mp3

09 Uni market ‘failure’, two-year degrees – end cuts,.mp3

11 Them & Us Live reindeer London’s super-.mp3

12 Property trillions The value of Britain’s.mp3

13 Local government pay fight for the 5% claim,.mp3

14 Strikers rally in Liverpool Roger Bannister.mp3

15 Unite day of action against blacklisting London.mp3

16 Brighton victory Academic staff at the.mp3

17 Anti-DOO lobby of Liverpool’s transport committee.mp3

18 Teachers strike in Sheffield Members of the.mp3

19 Newham anti-academies strikes Strike action at.mp3

20 Tory plan to hold dinner at coal mining museum.mp3

21 Totnes MP uses coffin controversy to distract.mp3

22 South London health bosses’ cover-up Bill Reed.mp3

23 Movement growing against fracking giant Ineos.mp3

24 Six months on – still no justice for Grenfell.mp3

25 The Socialist Party’s latest Grenfell leaflet.mp3

26 Bradford campaign to save children’s services.mp3

27 Tamil Solidarity and Refugee Rights activists.mp3

28 The Socialist’s 2017 quiz How attentive to the.mp3

29 Answers 1) Zimbabwe’s dictator, president.mp3

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