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Hands off free school meals

Audio files for The Socialist issue 987, 21 March 2018

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01 Russia, spies and nerve agents Should anyone.mp3

02 Hands off free school meals! Tories cut 1m.mp3

03 The Blairites are NHS privatisers – to save it.mp3

04 Cuts harm kids’ health Workers can beat NHS cuts.mp3

05 Hated Blairite mayor ousted now fight for a no-.mp3

06 Them & us Let them hang Bosses for part of.mp3

07 Faulty fire doors Fire doors at Grenfell Tower.mp3

08 West Virginia teachers’ strike victory Militant.mp3

09 US school shootings student walkouts challenge.mp3

10 Brazil Psol councillor Marielle Franco murdered.mp3

11 UCU strike staff and students unite to continue.mp3

12 Hinkley workers win back unpaid wages after sit-.mp3

13 Strikers and parents rally again in Newham.mp3

14 Hull college workers ballot for action against.mp3

15 Unions condemn ‘culture of bullying’ at.mp3

16 NSSN conference moves The National Shop.mp3

17 Refugees march against racism and to demand.mp3

18 Ideas matter help us fight to win with May Day.mp3

19 Past fund-raising campaigns show dedication to.mp3

20 Why I joined ‘The Socialist Party is at the.mp3

21 Hands Off HRI campaign granted judicial review.mp3

22 Over 1,000 on Newcastle NHS march Over 1,000.mp3

23 Refugee Rights to be launched in Manchester.mp3

24 Obituary Stephen Hawking, 1942-2018.mp3

25 The Socialist inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

26 Solidarity with Chris Chris Fernandez was TUSC.mp3

27 Nerve agents The usual Blairite suspects -.mp3

28 Thatcherite striker The strike in.mp3

29 Saudi sweetener Having rolled out the red.mp3

30 Chartist uprising In an essay in BBC History.mp3

31 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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