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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Fight the Tory enemy

Audio files for The Socialist issue 989, 4 April 2018

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01 Fight the Tory enemy End austerity.mp3

02 Gaza – protest is not terrorism! For an.mp3

03 Catalonia new Francoist coup – general strike.mp3

04 End the housing crisis! We can’t wait till 2022!.mp3

05 Use your vote to deselect monster block Blairites.mp3

06 Corbyn council will be put to the test Nick.mp3

07 Retail crunch even giants not immune as 21,000.mp3

08 Right-wing Vote Leave campaign may have broken.mp3

09 20 years since the Good Friday Agreement.mp3

10 UCU strike reject the deal – keep the action on.mp3

11 BT can afford more – reject pensions offer.mp3

12 Bromley library workers walk out over ‘insulting’.mp3

13 Teachers vote to ballot for strike to win 5%.mp3

14 RMT strikes in Newcastle and London Northern.mp3

15 May Day! The Socialist needs you! Final deadline.mp3

16 National Union of Students conference 2018.mp3

17 Leeds NHS delays staff privatisation plan – but.mp3

18 Bristol and Bath students join detained asylum.mp3

19 Sheffield tree fellings paused as bully Labour.mp3

20 London tenants and workers protest against social.mp3

21 Obituary Lorraine Dardis (1965-2018) Lynn Walsh.mp3

22 The Socialist inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

23 Plastic pollution Before the 2012 London.mp3

24 Solidarity with Chris Chris Fernandez was TUSC.mp3

25 Corbyn witch-hunt Wild accusations,.mp3

26 TUC and bosses’ EU On 24-25 March I was among.mp3

27 Cuts and pay rises Labour’s shadow foreign.mp3

28 Boris v Russia War with Russia Napoleon.mp3

29 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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