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The Socialist issue 310: Blair Must Go

The Socialist issue 310

26 July 2003

spotBlair Must Go

New Labour is a capitalist establishment party and cannot be ‘reclaimed’ for working people and their families…

spotShould The Unions Campaign To “Reclaim The Labour Party”?

SOME OF the recently elected left trade union leaders have raised the idea of launching a campaign to “reclaim the Labour Party”…

spotDevon Bus Workers Fight Low Pay

NEGOTIATIONS OVER the Devon Stagecoach Bus drivers’ modest demand of £6.50 an hour with no strings, have started and a strike scheduled for 23 July has been suspended, writes Steve Bush, Devon.

spotBelt-Tightening Brown Threatens Cutbacks

GORDON BROWN has warned his fellow ministers to abandon any hopes of big rises in next year’s public spending round…

spotHeathrow: Why Furious Workers Walked Out

BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) staff at Heathrow airport walked out in a wildcat action on 18 July to prevent the company imposing an automated time management scheme (ATR)…

spotIraq: Opposition To US/UK Occupation Mounts

The deaths of Saddam Hussein’s sons has not stopped the attacks on coalition forces. Some 77 US armed forces personnel have been killed in Iraq since George Bush declared the war was over on 1 May. The…

spotHutton Enquiry: No trust in Blair

Blair has admitted that people don’t trust him or his government. At a press conference full of evasion and condescension, Blair appeared unrepentant about the death of Dr Kelly – then jetted off to Barbados…

spotKelly Death Deepens Blair’s Crisis

COMING ON top of the controversy surrounding weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), the death of scientist Dr David Kelly has brought about the most serious crisis that New Labour has faced since coming to power in 1997…

spotPride 2003: Fight The Bigots And Bullies

‘OUT, PROUD and militant’ is the Socialist Party Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Group message at this year’s Pride, writes Manny Thain.

spotFighting homophobia: Take The Argument Into The Communities

COMBATTING ANTI-gay prejudice and discrimination and fighting for legal reform is a vital task for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, writes Marc Vallee, Socialist Party National LGBT Group Convenor.

spotPride Or Profit?

I HAVE been taking part in PRIDE for around 15 years. I am increasingly saddened to see the event become more and more depoliticised and profit-driven. This started with the separating off of the march…

spotAustria: Success In Defending Women’s Right To Abortion

AN IMPORTANT case in defending women’s right to abortion was won on 10 July at the end of a lower court trial, writes Claudia Sorger, Socialist Left Party, Austria.

spotFrench Unions’ Protests How The Movement Was Built From Below

A teacher-activist speaks to the socialist: EARLIER THIS year a mass movement involving millions of French workers took place against pension reform…


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