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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Socialist issue 309: Blair: Time To Go!

The Socialist issue 309

19 July 2003

spotTony Blair: Time To Go!

Tony Blair - Bosses' puppet, photo Alan Hardman

He lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction. 66% of people think Blair misled us about going to war with Iraq…

spotDevon Bus Workers Fight Low Pay

spotRight Wing Booed Out Of PCS Leadership

spotSay No To Poverty Wages

spotIraq Watch:

spotWhipps Cross hospital workers: “Where we fight, we win”

spotAsylum Seekers Fear Repression

spotKirklees Nursery nurses: United Action Gave Us Confidence

spotFight For Trade Union Rights In Colombia

Socialist Party features

spotLow Pay – No Way!

Did you know that the chief executive of Tesco receives £916,000 a year basic salary? If he works a 40 hour week this means he gets £440.38 an hour! On top of this obscene pay, he received ‘additional…

spotReclaiming Feminism?

THE EQUAL Opportunities Commission recently published an ‘equality’ survey to coincide with the 75th anniversary of all women over 21 securing the vote, writes Carol Edge.

spotWeapons of mass destruction: A Web Of Lies From Day One

THE JUSTIFICATION for Bush and Blair launching a destructive war on Iraq was based on a lie. Who says so? CIA director George Tenet…

spotGay Rights Aren’t Only For Bishops

GAY RIGHTS campaigner Peter Tatchell, with six other members of Outrage disrupted the Church of England’s General Synod on 12 July for 30 minutes over the C of E “withdrawing” the appointment of a gay bishop, writes Marc Vallee, Socialist Party LGBT Group.

spotGenetic engineering: Science And Big Business

‘Engineering’, ‘modification’ or change?: A CABINET office report on genetically modified (GM) crops has concluded that, in spite of claimed long-term benefits, GM crops will not be profitable until demand increases…

International socialist news and analysis

spotKazakhstan: Foundry workers fight for nationalisation of factory

The struggle to defend the jobs and living standards of the workers at the Irtyishskii Foundry in Glubokii, near Ust-Kamenogorsk, in East Kazakhstan, has been stepped up and workers are appealing for support, writes Ainur Kurmanov, President, Workers’ Movement of Kazakhstan.

spotAfrica in Crisis: Development reversed by Capitalism

BUSH’S VISIT to Africa, no doubt to pave the way for more privatisation contracts for US multinationals, has seen a lot of media interest in the continent that will be dropped as soon as Bush returns to the US, writes Chris Newby.

spot“Stop The Reform Or We Will Stop The Country”

TRADE UNIONISTS in France and Austria have fought major battles this year to stop their right-wing governments attacking workers’ pension rights…


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